Susan Slovinski  
By Haley Baeten

Susan Slovinski has lived in the Eastside neighborhood for 34 years and in her current house for 24. Her personality is very outgoing and bubbly - easily one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has three kids: Sarah, 35, who lives close by and visits regularly; Tom, 31, in Los Angeles; and Alex, 24, who lives at home. With her children grown, she now has two dogs, Molly and Charlie. Charlie is the spoiled one. 

Susan is an avid backyard gardener, was an active member of a gardening association, and volunteers with the weekly farmers Market at the Allen Neighborhood Center. The Eastside has changed dramatically over her 34 years in the neighborhood. New families are moving in and bringing stability to rougher parts of the neighborhood. When asked about her neighbors, she said that they are all very sweet and are the kind of people who are always willing to give a helping hand.

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